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General Overview Powerpoint Presentation- 40-50 mins. Introduction to Polymers, Crosslink, Thermoset Plastics, and Rotational Molding. Seamed vs Seamless tank styles, IMFO, Safe-Tank, OR1000, and Fittings and Accessories. A Basic Overview of PPC products available for designing a smart chemical storage system. 


In order to protect the tanks that we manufacture and sell against the potentially harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight, PolyProcessing incorporates a light stabilizer known as a “UV absorber” into the
crosslinkable polyethylene (XLPE) used in molding those tanks.

News You Can Use October 2019
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In this episode of NYCU October 2019 Podcast we discuss:

This is our Sloped Bottom IMFO marketing piece with the Polyurethan PolyBase included in it.

Competitor Photo Book 7-12-19
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Competitor photo book. We will be updating this photo as we receive new photos. Please send us yours for the book. 

Handrails on a PPC Tank
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A brief overview of using handrails on a PPC tank

Heat Pad Manual
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This is the SPX heat pad manual.

Steel Stands FEATURED
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These stands were suppose to be stainless steel but by error were made in cast iron and painted. 

Tank Ladders
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In some chemical storage tank applications, it is necessary to install a ladder to allow for inspection, to check gauges, and to service level
sensors or mixers. But what ladder options are available, and which ones are best for the chemical you’re storing? This short document will help with those questions.

Listen while you drive! Podcast on how to Sell the Sloped Bottom IMFO and the features and value that it brings to the end user.